After installing TShock from the Mod Manager, start or restart the server and open the "Web Console" in your control-panel. When the server is finished loading, you will see a message such as the following:

TShock Notice: To become SuperAdmin, join the game and type /auth 6969004, your auth code will be different, this is used as an example.

To become superadmin, join the game and type:

/auth [authcode]

So if your authcode is 6969004 you would type:

/auth 6969004

By becoming a super admin, you gain the ability to create a user account on the server, giving you access to all commands.

  • Next, enter:  /user add [username] [password] superadmin
    Example: /user add fragnet qwerty superadmin
  • Log in with the superadmin user you just created by entering: /login [username] [password]
    Example: /login fragnet qwerty

Adding Users/Admins

To add a new user or admin, enter the following: /user add [username] [password] [group]

  • Example #1 (Add a VIP user): /user add sarah connor vip
  • Example #2 (Add another Admin): /user add sarah connor newadmin

Alternatively, if the user you wish to add has already registered (using /register [username] [password]) you may also edit that user's usergroup by editing the tshock\tshock.sqlite database-file (Users.Usergroup - see below). Users who have their access added or changed need only re-join the server for their permissions to take effect.

tshock.sqlite can be edited with the following tool: Link to download page | Direct download