By becoming an admin on your Forest server, you will get access to features such as: kick or ban players, change certain values of cvars from in-game.

Setting up admin password

In order to become an admin, you will need to set an admin password on your server.

  • Navigate to your game panel
  • Go to configuration files of your Forest server
  • Open your server.cfg with "Configuration Editor"
  • Add the password you want to use in the "Admin password" field
  • Click "Save"

Make sure to restart the server after the editing (if it was running while you were editing server.cfg) so the changes can take effect!

Logging in with admin password

Now when you've set the admin password, we need to log in with it to the server in order to gain access to mentioned features.

  • Start your game
  • Go to Multiplayer → Dedicated Servers (Internet)
  • Find your server and press "Join"
  • Write the admin password and press "Join" once again

Confirming that you are logged in as admin

Once you are on the server, you can easily check if you've got access to admin features.

  • Type "/help" in the chat

If you get the following response. You are connected as administrator.