GOTV can be enabled on every CS:GO server. GOTV allows you to watch a game currently in progress with some perks which you wouldn't usually have on the server as spectator.

Enabling GOTV

There are 2 ways to enable GOTV on Fragnet servers:

  1. Enable it via control panel by going to configuration files and editing server.cfg with "Configuration editor"
  2. Manually adding the following commands to server.cfg:
    tv_enable "1"           //Enables GOTV
    tv_autorecord "0"       //1 automatically records 
    tv_maxclients "10"      //Defines the number of concurrent connections to your GOTV 
    tv_delay "90"           //Specifies the delay for the GOTV stream
    tv_advertise_watchable 1

After making any kind of changes to server.cfg, you should restart your server so those changes can apply.

GOTV will have the same IP address as the server, but the port number will be different. To connect to GOTV, you need the IP address and port for the GOTV server. For Fragnet servers GOTV port usually goes +1 on the first digit from the server port. For example:
Server IP is : x.x.x.x:27015, GOTV will be x.x.x.x:37015

GOTV status

You can check if your GOTV is working by simply writing the following command in your console (while you are on the server): rcon status. If everything is setuped correctly you'll have the following output


If not setuped to automatically record, you can manually start and stop recording your matches on the server by typing the following commands:

  • tv_record nameoftherecording - Starts GOTV demo recording with the name you specified
  • tv_stoprecord - Stops GOTV demo recording with the name you specified 

If you have any GOTV recordings, you will find them in /csgo/ folder when you access it via File manager (on Game panel) or FTP Client. The files are saved in the .dem format.

GOTV Cvars 

tv_allow_camera_man<0-1>Auto director allows spectators to become camera man
tv_allow_static_shots<0-1>Auto director uses fixed level cameras for shots



Automatically records all games as GOTV demos

tv_autoretry<0-1>Relay proxies retry connection after network timeout
tv_chatgroupsize<0-255>Set the default chat group size
tv_chattimelimit8Limits spectators to chat only every n seconds
tv_clientscmdShows list of connected GOTV clients
tv_debugcmdGOTV debug info
tv_delay90GOTV broadcast delay in seconds
tv_delaymapchange<0-1>Delays map change until broadcast is complete
tv_deltacache2Enable delta entity bit stream cache
tv_dispatchmode<0-2>Dispatch clients to relay proxies: 0=never, 1=if appropriate, 2=always
tv_enable<0-1>Activates GOTV on server
tv_maxclients<0..255>Maximum client number on GOTV server
tv_maxrate196608Max GOTV spectator bandwidth rate allowed, 0 == unlimited
tv_msg<text>Send a screen message to all clients
tv_name<text>GOTV host name
tv_overridemaster<0-1>Overrides the GOTV master root address
tv_port<port>Host GOTV port
tv_record<text>Starts GOTV demo recording
tv_relay<ip+port>Connect to GOTV server and relay broadcast
tv_relaypassword<password>GOTV password for relay proxies
tv_relayvoice<0-1>Relay voice data: 0=off, 1=on
tv_retrycmdReconnects the GOTV relay proxy
tv_snapshotrate16Snapshots broadcasted per second
tv_statuscmdShow GOTV server status
tv_stopcmdStops the GOTV broadcast
tv_stoprecordcmdStops GOTV demo recording
tv_timeout30GOTV connection timeout in seconds
tv_title<text>Set title for GOTV spectator UI
tv_transmitall1Transmit all entities (not only director view)