Rust:IO is a Rust Oxide extension, which adds a fully interactive browser live map of your Rust world. This map allows you to see player locations, buildings, and more. 

Server should be stopped before installing Rust:IO!

Adding Rust:IO to your server:

  • Go to your RUST service on the Fragnet Game Panel
  • Navigate to Mod Manager
  • Make sure that uMod/OxideMod is installed, if not simply press install as this is a requirement for Rust:IO
  • Install Rust:IO Latest 
  • Once installed, simply start the server and this extension will load

You have successfully installed Rust:IO to your server. You can now find your server on playrust:io when you write your server name!

Need to edit the configuration settings for Rust:IO?

Rust will generate a configuration file for Rust:IO at this location: /rust/Oxide/config/RustIO.json which can be edited.