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Affiliates: Custom URL codes

When using the official Affiliates system to refer new users to our services in return for a commission, the URL listed provides a direct link to the Fragnet homepage. In some cases, you may wish to choose which page you are able to link to on our website, while still maintaining your Affiliate URL.
To do so, you may use the custom Affiliate URL format displayed below, placing your target URL at the end. This will be the web address where you wish to redirect users who click on your links.

Replace the following values as instructed:

?aff\= This number should be your Affiliate ID which can be obtained from the original Affiliate URL provided.
?url= This should be the URL (prefixed with http://) where you wish to redirect the user clicking the link.

If you have any questions or issues when using this, feel free to open a support ticket with our team at