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Maps game modes and slots limitations

Here are map names for maplist.txt and their correspondence in BattleLog.

Base Game Maps

Engine name Human-readable name
MP_001 Grand Bazaar
MP_003 Teheran Highway
MP_007 Caspian Border
MP_011 Seine Crossing
MP_012 Operation Firestorm
MP_013 Damavand Peak
MP_017 Noshahar Canals
MP_018 Kharg Island
MP_Subway Operation Metro

Back to Karkand

Engine name Human-readable name
XP1_001 Strike at Karkand
XP1_002 Gulf of Oman
XP1_003 Sharqi Peninsula
XP1_004 Wake Island

Close Quarters

Engine name Human-readable name
XP2_Factory Scrapmetal
XP2_Office Operation 925
XP2_Palace Donya Fortress
XP2_Skybar Ziba Tower

Armored Kill

Engine name Human-readable name
XP3_Desert Bandar Desert
XP3_Alborz Alborz Mountains
XP3_Shield Armored Shield
XP3_Valley Death Valley


Engine name Human-readable name
XP4_Quake Epicenter
XP4_FD Markaz Monolith
XP4_Parl Azadi Palace
XP4_Rubble Talah Market

End Game

Engine name Human-readable name
XP5_001 Operation Riverside
XP5_002 Nebandan Flats
XP5_003 Kiasar Railroad
XP5_004 Sabalan Pipeline

Game Modes and slots


Depending on the map size and game mode the game server slots can be limited to a lower value

Engine name Human-readable name Slots
ConquestLarge0 Conquest Up to 64
ConquestSmall0 Conquest Up to 32
RushLarge0 Rush Up to 32
SquadRush0 Squad Rush Up to 8
SquadDeathMatch0 Squad Deathmatch Up to 16
TeamDeathMatch0 Team Deathmatch Up to 32


Note that the lower slots count limit from your map rotation will apply to your server to not kick players on map change.