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There are two ways to add bots to your server, via the server.cfg or via console commands In this guide, we'll explain both methods.

Adding Bots via the server.cfg

  1. Navigate to your File Manage and go to tf => cfg directory. File Manager

  2. Open up the server.cfg and we will need to add these lines:

    tf_bot_quota "number" Choose any number you want
    tf_bot_auto_vacate "1"
    tf_bot_quota_mode "fill"
    It should look something like this: Example Bots

  3. Once done, click on Save Content and Start the server, and the server should be filled with the chosen amount of bots.

Adding bots via console commands

  1. Go to your Fragify console and type in this command
    tf_bot_add number team class

    Replace the number with any you want [1,2,3,4,5].

Replace team with either red or blue.

Replace class with any of the classes in the game: scout, soldier, pyro, demoman, heavyweapons, engineer, medic, sniper or spy.

Example command: tf_bot_add 2 red soldier And it should look like this: Example Command

Kicking bots from your server

Use the command tf_bot_kick name An example would be: tf_bot_kick Red_Lynx

If you wish to kick all bots, use the command tf_bot_kick all.