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First, we need to get the IP of the server. Go to your Fragify game panel.

There are two ways to connect to your server :

Via Steam

  1. Connect via Steam Favorites. Please navigate to the Server Information panel and double-click your IP, which will copy it. Connection Details

  2. Afterwards, go to your steam account and click on View => Servers. Once there, go to the Favorites tab, click Add Server and paste the IP we have copied. Servers

Via In-game Console

You will need to enable developer console for this method. To find out how to enable it, you can check our article about it here. 1. Get in your game. If you have your developer console enabled, press the Tilde ( ` ) button. Console

  1. Once opened, type this command in connect yourServerIP:Port. Afterwards, press Enter and you will start connecting to your server. Console Command