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In case you want to add an admin password that you can use to identify as the owner of the server and to gain control over your server while in-game, you can follow the next steps:

Step 1: Login to the Fragify panel and select your ARK server.

Step 2: Navigate to the Configure option on the left side menu.


Step 3: There, you will find the Admin Password variable, and you can input the password you would like to use.

Admin Password

The admin password has been successfully set now. For these changes to be reflected, restart your server.

Admin Console Usage

While in-game on the server, you can click on the tab key, which will open a console window at the bottom part of the screen.

You can type the following command and press Enter:

enablecheats yourAdminPassword
Afterwards, you will become an admin, and you can use any commands.

Note that if you rejoin your server again, you will need to repeat the previous step to be able to use all commands.

All console commands can be found on the ARK wiki page: