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How to ban/kick a player

You can kick/ban players via the Fragify console simply by typing in the command and pressing Enter/Return.

Console Window

For a player to be kicked from the server:

kick playername 
For a player to be banned from the server:
ban playername

How to unban player

To unban a player, you will need to remove the player's name and IP from banlist.txt. After the first player has been banned, the server will create a banlist.txt since it didn't exist before the first server ban. To do that, navigate to your File Manager, and find the banlist.txt file. It should be located in the directory right after clicking on File Manager.

File Manager


Once found, open the banlist.txt, and find the player you have banned. Remove the player's name and their IP located right under their name.

Content of Banlist

After removing both lines, press the Save Content button on the lower right side of the window, and the player should be unbanned.