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Farming Simulator 19 FAQ

Unable to find the server

Cause of this issue is most often the configuration of the server search filter.

Was the right matchmaking server chosen?

Upon joining your game and navigating to Multiplayer you will be asked to select a matchmaking server. It is important that you select the same matchmaking server that's been set on your FS19 Control Panel. You can find out which matchmaking server is active on the main page of the Farming Simulator Control Panel.

Is the server running in the Farming Simulator Control Panel?

With the Farming Simulator, the server backend is started automatically on Fragnet. The server itself must be started via the Farming Simulator Control Panel. It is therefore recommended to log into the Farming Simulator Control Panel and then start the server if necessary.

I can not log in into the Farming Simulator Control Panel

Many options are implemented directly via the Farming Simulator Control Panel. Since it is stand-alone software, changes will not be in effect until the server backend gets restarted.

The password is wrong

Most likely, if you changed the password for your Control Panel that the changes haven't taken place since server backend wasn't restarted. Try restarting server backend from your FS19 Service page so changes can take effect.

The Control Panel can not be accessed

In this case, the server backend can not be started or is not started. In this case, it is advisable to try starting it up from your FS19 Service page (from the Actions menu) and giving it a try. If this does not help, our support team will be more than glad to help you out. Just submit a ticket and let us handle it!

Common problems with mods and save games

Uploaded savegame not supported. Only Farming Simulator 19 savegames are supported

Most likely you are trying to upload the wrong file structure. Save games can only be uploaded as .zip archive and that .zip should contain all the contents from the savegame folder. Refer to the following article in order to properly zip and upload the save game.

I'm not able to upload my mod

You are either uploading the mod in the incorrect format or you have maxed out your Mod Space. Check if you are uploading the mod correctly by refering to the following article [How to manage your Farming Simulator 19 server files using FTP.

Stuck on Sync data with other players

Most common issue on FS19 servers and it's almost always related to either incompatible mod or corrupted save game. We recommend starting a new game with the same mods, if the issue still occurs you should start removing mods from your server in order to find which one is causing this issue.