Add a server link to your Unturned server

For example, a server link on an Unturned server can be used to redirect people to a voice server or any websites associated with your server (clan site, group site etc.).

  1. Navigate to your File Manager.

File Manager

  1. Go to Servers => Default => Config.json and open up the config.

  2. Once there at the beginning, you will find the command called Links. Links

Instead of null, you need to add:

"Message": "Name_of_the_website",
"URL": ""
"Message": "Discord Server",
"URL": "https://discord_url"
You can add more after the }, in the code above if you have more links to connect to:
"Message": "Name_regarding_the_link",
"URL": ""

Note that last part should finish with dot }. instead of coma },.

  1. Click on Save Content, and you’re good to go. Start/Restart your server and check the links out when connecting to the server.