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How do I Upgrade/Downgrade my server

You can do this by following these few steps:

  1. Log in to our Billing/Support Panel
  2. Click on Services → My Services → Click on the service you would like to Upgrade/Downgrade
  3. On the left you will have "Actions" Menu → Click on Upgrade/Downgrade Options
  4. Upgrade to the desired package and choose to Continue
  5. An invoice will be generated to cover the cost of the upgrade for the remaining rent period
  6. Pay - once the invoice is paid, your service will automatically be upgraded/downgraded

NOTE:If a new invoice for the service has already been generated for the upcoming month, pay that invoice first and then do the Upgrade/Downgrade procedure.

NOTE:If you are about to downgrade but have to pay an invoice please note that the extra money will be credited on your account balance on downgrade.