How to become an admin on TShock server

1. If you are currently using vanilla or tModLoader Terraria versions, you can find out how to switch to TShock here.

2. Start your TShock Terraria server and go to File Manager option on the left-side menu. Go to the tshock folder, and you will find the setup-code.txt file here. Open it by clicking on it, and you can see the numeric code we will use to become admin on the server.

File Manager

Setup Code

3. Open the game and join your server. You will need to press the Enter key to type in the chat window:

/setup yourSetupCode

Example Setup Code

After entering the code, you will see the following message:

Message for Admin

4. You will need to input the following command:

 /user add yourUsername yourPassword owner
Afterwards, input:
/login yourUsername yourPassword

You have added and became successfully admin to your TShock server!