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How to add back to karkand maps

You can add those maps by editing maplist.txt from our Game-Panel

  1. Log in to the Game Panel

  2. Click on Configuration Files

  3. Choose to edit Maplist.txt

  4. Add maps/gametypes based on the below examples and code

Example list:

XP1_001 ConquestLarge0 1
XP1_004 RushLarge0 2


Engine Name Human Readable Name
XP1_001 Strike At Karkand
XP1_002 Gulf of Oman
XP1_003 Sharqi Peninsula
XP1_004 Wake Island (Supports all modes besides ConquestSmall1)

Game Modes

Game Mode Human Readable Name (Max player count)
ConquestLarge0 Conquest (64)
ConquestSmall0 Conquest (32)
ConquestSmall1 Conquest Assault (32)
RushLarge0 Rush (32)
SquadRush0 Squad Rush (8)
SquadDeathMatch0 Squad Deathmatch (16)
TeamDeathMatch0 Team Deathmatch (24)