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Server Configuration

There are two main settings files that the server is using.

  • ServerHostSettings.json
  • ServerGameSettings.json

In order to edit those files, head over to your game panel -> Configuration Files


Here you can edit the following settings:


After making changes to this file, make sure to restart your server so the changes take effect.

Setting Value Type Example Value Comment
Name string "My V Rising Server" Name of server
Description string "This is a role playing server" Short description of server purpose, rules, message of the day
MaxConnectedAdmins number 4 Max number of admins to allow connect even when server is full
SaveName string "world1" Name of save file/directory
Password string "SuperSecret" Set a password or leave empty
ListOnMasterServer boolean true Set to true to list on server list, else set to false
AutoSaveCount number 40 Number of autosaves to keep
AutoSaveInterval number 120 Interval in seconds between each auto save
GameSettingsPreset string "StandardPvP" Name of a GameSettings preset found in the GameSettingPresets folder


Setting Example Values Comment
GameModeType PvP
Sets the kind of game mode you're playing.
CastleDamageMode Always
Sets when Castles can be damaged. "TimeRestricted" uses VSCastle times.
SiegeWeaponHealth Determines the health of Siege Weapons.
PlayerDamageMode Always
Determines whether or not other players can be damaged. "TimeRestricted" uses VsPlayer times.
CastleHeartDamageMode CanBeDestroyedOnlyWhenDecaying
Determines how and when Castle Hearts can be destroyed or seized.
PvPProtectionMode Short
This is the protection you get when you first make your character that prevents newbies from being slaughtered in PvP
DeathContainerPermission Anyone
Basically who can and can not access your bags when you die.
RelicSpawnType Unique
Makes each of the Soul Shards unique or allows there to be more than one of each of the Soul Shards (plentiful).
CanLootEnemyContainers True
This determines whether or not a random person sneaking into your base can access your chests and other containers.
BloodBoundEquipment True
Lose or keep your equipment upon death.
TeleportBoundItems True
When using a Vampire Waygate you can turn this on or off to determine if your items travel with you.
AllowGlobalChat True
Turns Global Chat on or off.
AllWaypointsUnlocked True
Reveals or conceals Vampire Waygates.
FreeCastleClaim True
This allows people to claim a castle without paying a resource cost.
FreeCastleDestroy True
Same as above but in regards to being destroyed whether or not there is a cost.
InactivityKillEnabled True
AFK timer which kills you if you are detected inactive.
InactivityKillTimeMin 3600 Related to the above function.
InactivityKillTimeMax 604800
InactivityKillSafeTimeAddition 172800 Unknown.
InactivityKillTimerMaxItemLevel 84 Unknown.
DisableDisconnectedDeadEnabled True
DisableDisconnectedDeadTimer 60 Unknown.
InventoryStacksModifier 1.0 The size of your inventory stacks.
DropTableModifier_General 1.0 Increase or decrease the amount of loot that drops from enemies.
DropTableModifier_Missions 1.0 Same as above but for missions.
MaterialYieldModifier_Global 1.0 This modifies the amount you get from a resource node like a stone or copper.
BloodEssenceYieldModifier 1.0 This changes how much Blood Essence you gain from killing enemies.
JournalVBloodSourceUnitMaxDistance 25.0 Max tracking distance.
PvPVampireRespawnModifier 1.0 This is how long it takes you to respawn after being killed in PvP.
CastleMinimumDistanceInFloors 2 This is how far away someone else’s boundaries must be. Increase this to prevent base trapping.
ClanSize 4 Determines the maximum size of a Clan.
BloodDrainModifier 1.0 How much your blood level drains.
DurabilityDrainModifier 1.0 This determines how much the durability drains.
GarlicAreaStrengthModifier 1.0 Modifies the strength of Garlic areas.
HolyAreaStrengthModifier 1.0 Modifies the strength of Holy areas.
SilverStrengthModifier 1.0 Modifies the strength of the Silver debuff.
SunDamageModifier 1.0 Modifies the strength of the Sun debuff.
CastleDecayRateModifier 1.0 Modifies the rate at which Castles decay.
CastleBloodEssenceDrainModifier 1.0 Modifies the rate at which Castles drain stored Blood Essence.
CastleSiegeTimer 420.0 How long a Castle can be sieged by another player.
CastleUnderAttackTimer 60.0 How long a castle can be under attack.
AnnounceSiegeWeaponSpawn True
Announces the deployment of a Siege Weapon on the server.
ShowSiegeWeaponMapIcon True
This will display the Siege Weapon on the map.
BuildCostModifier 1.0 Modifies the cost for buildings.
RecipeCostModifier 1.0 Modifies the cost for crafting.
CraftRateModifier 1.0 Modifies the speed of crafting.
ResearchCostModifier 1.0 Modifies the cost of research.
RefinementCostModifier 1.0 Modifies the cost of Refining.
RefinementRateModifier 1.0 Modifies the speed of Refining.
ResearchTimeModifier 1.0 Modifies the speed of Research.
DismantleResourceModifier 0.75 This is how much you get back after dismantling something like a wall.
ServantConvertRateModifier 1.0 Time it takes to convert a Servant.
RepairCostModifier Default 1.0 Increases or decreases the repair costs for buildings.
Death_DurabilityFactorLoss 0.25 Durability loss when killed.
Death_DurabilityLossFactorAsResources 1.0 How much gear you lose when dying. 0.5 = 50%
StarterEquipmentId 0
Gear Level 30: -376135143
Gear Level 50: -1613823352
Gear Level 70: -255898606
This is what equipment you start with.
StarterResourcesId 0
Gear Level 30: -696202180
Gear Level 50: 481718792
Gear Level 70: -766909665
Instead of straight giving the players gear it gives them a lot of resources instead.
CastleLimit 2 Sets limits on your Castle as well as it’s stats.
Timezone Local
Time zone for your server.
VSPlayerWeekdayTime PvP start and stop times. Keep in mind it must ONLY be the current day. DO NOT attempt to set the start time for example at 23:00 and end time at 08:00 the next day. All times must be in the day. I have found the server to behave strangely when this is done.
VSPlayerWeekendTime Weekend PvP times.
VSCastleWeekdayTime Castle siege times during weekdays.
VSCastleWeekendTime Castle siege times during the weekend.