How to change your game to experimental

Firstly we’ll need to delete the server files for new ones to be created for the experimental version.

WARNING: This will delete all of your sessions

1. Stop your server and navigate to your File Manage on the game panel then go to config => Epic => FactoryGame => Saved => SaveGames => server.

File Manager

If you wish to have a backup, simply go back one directory, tick the box near the server folder, navigate to the ... alongside the bar, a small menu will appear and click on Archive as illustrated in the screenshot here.


2. Once ready, delete the contents of the server folder.

3. Go to your Fragify game panel and navigate to Settings.

4. Scroll down and find [Advanced] Branch Name.

5. Click on the small arrow pointing down and two options will appear and one of them being experimental. Choose that option and start your server.

Branch Name

6. Done! Your server is now running on experimental mode.