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Satisfactory server always require you to claim the server in-game before connecting to it when you attempt to do so first time. This article will explain how to claim your server as well as connect to it afterwards.

How to claim and join your Satisfactory server

1. Login to the Fragify panel and select your Satisfactory server.

2. You will need to copy hostname that can be found in the field under Server Information and in Configure option, you will need to copy query port.

Server Hostname


Server Query Port

3. Open your Satisfactory game and navigate to Server Manager. Click on the Add Server button and input hostname/port in their respective fields. Click on Confirm.

Server Manager

4. If the server was succesfully added, you will see a new window that will ask you to input the name for the server to be claimed.

Claim Server

5. Set your Admin Password on the next window.

Set Admin Password

6. Once the server is claimed, you will need to create game on it before joining it. You can session name to any name that you would like and choose area to your preferences.

Create Game

7. You can select Status tab and click on Join Game to connect to your Satisfactory server.

Join Game