Setting up RCON for Conan Exiles

This article will show you how to enable RCON on your Conan Exiles game-server!

First, you'll need to set your RCON password:

  1. Login to the control panel at

  2. Go to your service

  3. Click on "Commandline Manager"

  4. Switch to the "Custom Commandlines" tab

  5. Click on the "New" button

  6. Set a description (can be anything, only you will see this)

  7. Check the checkbox to the left of "RCON Password"

  8. Set the password you want in the field, then click "Save"

  9. Click on the "Select" button to the right of the commandline

When done, go back and restart your server, it will now have RCON enabled. Open up the "Web Console" in your panel, type in the RCON password you just set and type in "help" (without quotes) to see the current commands.