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If you would like to ban or unban specific player on the server, you can follow the steps described below.

There are 2 ways of banning/unbanning players on the server which are done by editing bans.txt file and using in-chat command.

Ban with bans.txt file

Step 1: Login to your account on Fragify panel and select your Path of Titans server.

Step 2: Navigate to the following directory: PathOfTitans/Saved/ and you will need to click on bans.txt file to edit it.


You must add each ban on a new line.

Ban by Alderon ID

Each line in your text file must follow this format:


Variable Example Description
AGID 123-443-512 The Alderon Games ID of the player.
UnixTimestamp 1644464516 If the ban is temporary, enter the Unix Timestamp of the date the player will be unbanned. You can generate the timestamp here If the ban is permanent, set this to 0
AdminReason Admin message here! An internal message that will only be visible by admins. Useful for keeping notes. Can be left blank. NOTE: you cannot use a colon : in this description or else it will break your bans.
UserReason Banned for spamming the chat. The message the user will see when attempting to join your server. Ensure this is descriptive so the player understand why they were banned. NOTE: you cannot use a colon : in this description or else it will break your bans.

Example bans.txt

525-053-709:0:Reason for admins here:Stay out of my server
123-456-678:1645059401:I have banned them:Broke rule number three
543-226-532:1645059400:admin note here:You are banned because you were rude
766-980-003:0::Broke rule 12 so you are permabanned.

Step 3: Ensure that the file is saved by clicking on "Save Content" button.

Banning Players In-Game

Via Chat Commands

Ban A User

Log into your server and issue the following command: /ban <playername> <kick reason> Example: /ban Jiggy Breaking rule 12

You can leave the ban reason blank if desired.

Unban A User

/unban PlayerID - Unbans the user.

Reload Ban List

/reloadbans - The bans list will be refreshed ever 1 minute, however this command will reload it immiedately.