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How to wipe your Rust server and/or Player Data

It is recommended that Rust server owners reset their worlds every 30-days to help keep their server community active.

By doing the following steps, you will irreversibly delete your world file and/or player data.

There are two ways you can wipe data from your Rust server:

#1 Using the Fragify Wipe function

  • Login to the Fragify panel and select your Rust server.

  • Navigate to Manage Wipes function on the left-side menu.

Manage Wipes

  • Set the name, description, map size and map seed to your preferences or set to 0/empty to be left unchanged.

    If you wish to set a random seed on every wipe, click on Random Seed to be enabled.

Example of Wipe Options

  • If you want to remove specific files, you can input the exact path and name of the file and click on the Add button.

  • You can also choose to Wipe Blueprints, Wipe World, Restart Server after wipe, and Schedule Wipe for custom time and date.

  • Once ready, press the Wipe button.

Example of Wipe Options

  • Your server will restart, and everything your selected will be wiped

#2 Manual wipe

Manual wipe is done either via File Manager on our Fragify panel.

Navigate to your /server/yourServerIdentity folder (by default it's /server/rust).
Your world and player data is stored here.

To delete the player data only, delete the player *.db files. This includes blueprints, inventories, positions, etc.

Delete every file that starts with player_.db.

To delete the world data only, delete the files ending with .map and .sav. If you're not using a custom map, this file will be labelled "proceduralmap".

If you want to wipe your server entirely, you need to delete all the files mentioned above.

By deleting these files, you will irreversibly delete your world file and/or player data. Be careful when proceeding with this!