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How to load the custom map on your Rust Server

It is possible to have a custom map on the Rust Server apart from the original ones, and it's relatively easy to load one. You can get custom maps from or

Just follow these simple steps:

1. Upload your custom .map file to Dropbox.

2. Once uploaded, copy the download link.

3. Login to the Fragify panel and select your Rust server.

4. Navigate to the Configure option on the left-side menu and look for Server Level URL variable.


Server Level URL

5. Paste the download link. Example:<randomcharacters>/<mapname>.map?dl=0
6. Change the dl=0 to dl=1 in that link. Example:<randomcharacters>/<mapname>.map?dl=1
7. Once done, restart the server so the changes can take effect.

You have now successfully added a custom map to your Rust server!