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Setting up your Procon Layer

Every client that has any Battlefield server hosted with us can have a free Procon Layer. In case you wish to obtain one, contact Fragnet support.

When the Procon Layer is obtained and once you see it on your game panel, we need to configure it properly, so it connects to your Battlefield server.
We start by opening the Procon Configuration File which is located under the "Configuration Files". We will be using the "Config Editor"
Once the Config editor is opened, we need to input the correct values.

  • Battlefield Server IP: x.x.x.x ← This is the IP of your Battlefield server,
  • Battlefield RCON Port: xxxxx ← This is the RCON Port of your Battlefield server,
  • Battlefield RCON Password:  ← This is the admin.password you've set in the startup.txt on your Battlefield Server.

After you are done with configuration, simply press "Save & Exit" button.
Restart the Layer and after a minute or two, your Procon Layer should have successfully connected to your Battlefield Server!

Setup Procon

All information required for setting up your Procon Layer can be found on the Game Panel for your Battlefield server!