Adjust configuration files

Before you start playing on your server, there are a couple of things you might want to change. Some of those things are server’s name, server’s password or even admin password. To change these properties, you will need to follow the next steps.

Make sure the server is stopped before even trying to access ServerDZ.cfg, otherwise it will not open, and you will be presented with an error.

Step 1: Log in to your account on our game panel and find your service
Step 2: Head out to Configuration Files
Step 3: After you see a list with all of different configuration files you can edit, you will see one in particular named serverDZ.cfg
Step 4: On the right of the name serverDZ.cfg you will see Text Editor button go ahead and press it
Step 5: Once the text editor is opened, you can change next properties as you wish.

hostname = "DayZC Server"; // Server name password = ""; // Password for connection to the server passwordAdmin = "vn1d4"; // Password to become server admin

Step 6: After you change the desired properties go ahead press Save & Exit
Step 7: Start your server from the game panel and the server will load the values you have set