How to add and enable mods

Adding mods to your Project Zomboid server should be easy. Just follow these steps.

1. Go to Steam Workshop page of Project Zomboid and subscribe to the mods that you would like to play with.

2. Once you subscribed to mods, go to their individual pages and look for Workshop ID and Mod ID in their descriptions that are usually located at the bottom. Those IDs will be required for the mods to be downloaded on the server and enabled. Please note that some mods will have other mods as requirements which you can find in Required Items field.

Workshop Mod Required Itens

3. Login to the Fragify panel and select your Project Zomboid server.

4. Navigate to Configure option on the left-side menu and look for Mod Names and Mod Workshop ID's variables.

Configure Mod Variables

5. Paste Workshop ID to the Mod Workshop ID's field and Mod ID to the Mod Names field. Example:


If you want to download and enable multiple mods, you will need to separate them with semi-colon (;). Example:


6. Start/Restart your server and mods should be loaded on your server.