How to find your steamid64 and become admin on your Unturned server

To become an admin, you need to find your SteamID64. It’s a long row of characters unique to your steam account.

To find your steamID64 go to your steam profile and copy the link that’s above your profile. The number marked as red is your steamID64.

Steam Link

If you cannot see that link, you can also right-click on your profile's right or left side. Click on Copy Page URL, and it will copy the whole URL. You can remove everything except the marked red section in the screenshot above.

Copy Page URL

If you are having issues with the steamID64, you can head over to .

Once there, you can paste the URL you have copied from your steam profile and press lookup. Copy your steamID64.


Navigate to your Fragify game panel and click on Settings.

Afterwards, scroll down and find the SERVER OWNER window.

Server Owner

Paste the steamid64 in the SERVER OWNER field and that’s it.